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ACE shares upcoming event invites, connections with colleagues in our community and news and resources to strengthen your practice. Join us!

Membership Benefits

Monthly Networking Meetings (due to COVID, these are all taking place virtually)

The Association for Consulting Expertise offers members and non-members an opportunity to network with other professionals, and hear from speakers on current business and community issues that affect our independent businesses.  "Roundtable" discussions immediately follow the program, and are an opportunity to both highlight our members’ expertise and learn from our membership on topics that can help build and strengthen our individual practices.  View our meeting schedule for more information and directions.

Online - Webinars, Roundtables and Networking

ACE provides periodic webinars on topics of interest to our members as well as virtual roundtables where all can participate in discussions related to growing our practices. Our ACE Connect series highlights members.

Member Directory

Members get an extensive individual profile page on the ACE website where they can describe their practice and background.  They can update their ACE member profile information at any time, and include categories in which they wish to be included for possible referrals. Organizations seeking consultants and service providers are able to search the directory for members’ areas of expertise.

Member Collaboration

Many of our ACE members have years of experience starting, growing, and running a successful and thriving practice.  Some of them are willing to volunteer their time to advise newer entrepreneurs or service providers who may be stepping into the field or changing their area of focus.  When you join ACE, you can take advantage of the opportunity to meet with a seasoned professional.  Ask our membership committee for assistance with an introduction.

Referral Resource Center

From time to time, we receive requests for consultants and service providers through the ACE Referral Resource Center. Those requests are passed on to the membership to respond if their qualifications fit the request. 

Social Media Groups

Members are invited to join ACE on ACE’s social media channels.  Joining allows them to find and contact other ACE members.The goal of the Facebook and LinkedIn groups is to help members:
  • Reach other members of ACE
  • Seek and share referrals to and from ACE members
  • Learn more about other members through their professional profiles
  • Share their own pages, events and links (by following group guidelines)

Highlighting Members’ Expertise

ACE provides opportunities to showcase and highlight the expertise of our members.  As a member of ACE, you have the opportunity to:

  • Showcase your books, articles, and publications on the ACE website, Facebook and Linked In.  Periodically, we highlight “Authors of ACE” at the monthly meeting.
  • Write articles to be published on ACE’s blog, newsletter, and social media channels.
  • Present at a monthly meeting to share an area of expertise with the membership.
  • Get published in Mainebiz.  We maintain the column "Ask ACE" in Mainebiz, and have member editors to help you get your article publication-ready. Contact our Outreach committee to learn more.

Training and Expertise to Help You Grow Your Business

ACE offers educational webinars, seminars, and workshops led by successful, seasoned consultants and professionals.   

Speakers for Meetings or Events

ACE members who speak professionally can list their speaking topics on the ACE Speakers page on the website.  Organizations who are looking for speakers can search the ACE directory to identify speakers who will fill their needs.  They can also contact ACE directly for recommendations.

More Special Benefits

  • A free print and digital subscription to Mainebiz, Maine's leading business magazine. A $60 value!
  • Members can edit your article to get it publication-ready for Mainebiz or other media outlets
  • ACE is a member of the Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce and you are able to register as a Chamber member (under the ACE name) to attend Chamber events.
  • Templates for your use, including proposal, contract, and letters of interest, are available to download from the ACE website.
  • Discounts are available to ACE meetings, seminars, events, and ACE webinars are free for members.
  • You may build your brand awareness and assist your community by volunteering to consult pro bono upon request.
  • You have access to the exclusive ACE Audio and Video Library and can download past meeting videos, podcasts, and webinars.

The Society of Professional Consultants (SPC)

Based in Massachusetts, the SPC is a similar association to ACE offering opportunities and resources for consultants and service providers. 

ACE Members can Affiliate with SPC

If you are an ACE member and wish to add an SPC affiliate membership, this link directs you to the SPC site where you can check SPC benefits and join their association. Annual dues are $75 in addition to your ACE dues.

SPC Members can Affiliate with ACE

Members of SPC may join ACE as Affiliates. SPC Affiliates receive the following ACE benefits:

  • Member discount to ACE events, such as the monthly meetings and webinars.
  • A profile page on the ACE website.
  • Access to the ACE Members Only section with past meeting videos, podcasts, webinars, and templates
  • Access to the ACE Linked In and Facebook groups.
  • Ability to add to our column, Ask ACE, in Mainebiz.

Annual dues for SPC Affiliate Membership are $75 in addition to your ACE member dues. If you are an SPC member, you can click here to complete an application to affiliate with ACE.

Learn more about the SPC/ACE Affiliation from our webinar:

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