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Articles and case stories

Mainebiz Column

Please read our column in Mainebiz titled "Ask ACE". Member Jim Milliken guides the members who submit questions and answers to be used in the column. Contact him to get published.

Case Stories

Here are some representative Case Stories from our members:

  Terry Johnson: Designing Systems for New Product Development

  Delphi Group: Coaching Media Advertising Director During Acquisition

  Delphi Group: Culture Change in an International Financial Telecommunications Company

  Delphi Group: Designing and Facilitating a Strategic Planning Process for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy

  Delphi Group: Melding Views of Diverse Stakeholders into an Enduring and Inspiring Plan for the Future of the Appalachian Trail

  Delphi Group: Culture Change and Leadership Skills at Konica East

  Delphi Group: A Constructive Solution to an Inflammatory Employee Relations Problem in a Small Manufacturing Company

  Delphi Group: Culture Change at Guy Gannett Communications

  Paul Lenfest:  Saving a 30 year-old 1,000 ton Hydraulic Press

  Jim Milliken:  From Conflict to Collaboration

  Bernard Mohr:   From Stakeholder Conflict to Breakthrough in Eye Health @ The Vision Council

  Bernard Mohr:   Improving Patient Safety, Quality and Nurse Satisfaction 

  Bill Stone: From Arrogance to Helpfulness: Creating Accessibility to Expertise Through Coaching

  Bill Stone: Below the Waterline Skills - Temperament

  Brian Walker: Helping Build a Global Super-Premium Brand

  Brian Walker: Technological Innovation to Drive Worldwide Leadership

  Brian Walker: Innovating To Conserve and Manage Water

ACE Members: If you are looking for guidance on how to create your own case stories to use in your marketing, please go to the Members Only > Consultants Templates section of the website for the "ACE Guide to Writing Case Stories."


Our members write and publish articles and do interviews on many topics. 

    "How to Scale Up Your Business" written by Tove Rasmussen, published in Mainebiz, June, 2016.
    "Relational Listening Goals Influence How People Report Talking About Problems" written by Robert Keteyian is live on Taylor & Francis Online, August 2015.
    "The Case for Subjective Employee Evaluations" written by Robert Keteyian is live on the Fast Company site, May 2015.
    Here's an article by Meredith Richardson about Bob Keteyian's 7 communication styles and how they affect Mediation, published on the New Hampshire Bar Association website
    Robert Keteyian has published an article in Fast Company titled "How Bosses Can Encourage Transparency in the Workplace" February 10, 2015
    Robert Keteyian has published an article in Fast Company titled "How to Discover Your Individual Communication Style" October 21, 2014
    Robert Keteyian has published an article in Fast Company titled "You Just Had a Fight with a Coworker - Now What?" August 13, 2014
    Robert Keteyian has published an article in International Journal of Listening titled "Bivariate and Multivariate Associations between Trait Listening Goals and Trait Communicator Preferences" Volume 28, Issue 2, 2014
    Robert Keteyian has published an article in Fast Company titled "The 4 Essential Elements to Getting Your Point Across" May 23, 2014
     "Create a culture that supports, rather than sabotages, innovation" by Dana Morris-Jones, Mainebiz How To column March10, 2014
     "Create a competitive advantage" by Tove Rasmussen, Mainebiz How To column August 19, 2013
     "Use the new science of hiring to avoid regrets" by Bill Stone, Mainebiz How To column, July 8, 2013
     "Protect your brand in an improving economy" by Jim Casey, Mainebiz How To column April 15, 2013

Tove Rasmussen provided "The Expert View" in response to an article called "No Fields of Joy" in the Financial Post, March 2013


"Consider investing in facilitated team building" by Susan deGrandpre, Mainebiz July 9, 2012.

     "Don't stop at the top. Here are three steps for building continuity in your business"
     by Susan deGrandpre published in Mainebiz, April 2, 2012

Building Leadership from Within: Effective Succession Planning
by Susan deGrandpre


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