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Presentation Medic

Rick Pollak


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Presentation Medic

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62 Brookside Road
Address 2
Suite 1156
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Presentation Consultant and Founder

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presentation help, technical presentations, pitch coaching, TEDx coaching
Company Description
I'm on a mission to cure boring technical presentations. I specialize in making technical presentations interesting and accessible to non-technical audiences. I help my clients prepare presentations that make an audience understand, care, and remember.
Coaching on How to Present Technical Information so People Will Understand, Care, and Remember
Individual and group coaching on how to cure Death by PowerPoint
Coaching for investor pitches, product presentations, and TEDx talks
Rick Pollak is the founder of Presentation Medic, a company that specializes in curing boring technical presentations. Before starting his consulting business, he spent 35 years at Motorola, explaining complex wireless communications networks to non-technical audiences.

Rick has been a featured speaker at technology conferences in the U.S. and Canada. He’s coached speakers for TEDx events and been a guest lecturer at Boston-area universities. Rick is an accomplished jazz musician (keyboard and guitar) who believes that structure and story are the keys to helping people remember songs and speeches.

He is the president of the Society of Professional Consultants, a Massachusetts-based organization that offers networking, mentoring, and education for consultants and solo professionals.
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