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ACE Meeting - The Right Questions

  • September 18, 2020
  • 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
  • Online via Zoom


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The Right Questions Are The Keys To Success

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Audience Takeaways

* Finding, and then asking, the “right” questions are critical in positioning your business or nonprofit for success.

* You don't always need full answers to your questions, but you do need to have those questions clearly stated, and visibly on your discovery agenda.

* Answering a great question often brings forth a story, and from that a new understanding of your goals, successes, challenges, resources, and possible actions.

* If a question has a simple and obvious answer, it may be useful, but perhaps not a “great” question.  However, some simple questions, even ones with obvious answers may be great simply because the business or organization hasn't yet thought to ask it!

* We need to know what we don't know!


Asking powerful questions is obviously a way to gain information and understanding, but it is also a way to show your interest in the client or prospect.  You can establish yourself as a facilitator drawing upon client or prospect knowledge and experience, and help the client or prospect clarify their concerns, goals, challenges, and opportunities.  Asking great questions can establish your mastery and creativity, and your sense of how to move towards brilliant and effective strategy.

We'll focus on real case studies to explore what questions could best help us find a way forward to success.  You will be inspired to explore what you don't know, why you want to know, and what questions might open a dialog that would lead to more creative and effective strategy.  Finally, we'll explore the actual effects of asking great, and not so great, questions.

Our work will be relevant both to consultants helping clients solve business problems and to clients seeking their own understanding, vision, and direction.  All need to master the art of generating and asking great questions – the questions that lead to insight, clarity, vision, and success. 


Presented by Arthur Fink, Arthur Fink Consulting

With my honors degree from Swarthmore College, and a graduate degree from Harvard in computer science, including study and research in social psychology and linguistics, I bring a background to my consulting practice that includes not only academic study in information technology and the social sciences, but also extensive and varied experience in the creative business world.

I have worked for years in user experience design, in creating and managing change, and in developing strategies for both non-profit organizations and for-profit businesses. The key to all of this work has been finding and asking the right questions.  My work can lead to innovation and success, as I strive to be a superb listener and collaborator.

The Facts...


The ACE regular meeting has networking, a buffet breakfast and a speaker. Guests are welcome. There is often an optional Roundtable after the main meeting. THIS MEETING WILL TAKE PLACE VIA ZOOM and there is no charge.

Registrations (and registration cancellations) are required by September 15th. If you want to be included on the registration list at the meeting then you need to register by the due date. 

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