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ACE Monthly Meeting - September 19, 2014

  • September 19, 2014
  • 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM
  • Portland Country Club, 11 Foreside Rd, Falmouth


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Calm-Assertive Leadership… with a Dash of “No”


How do you get people to follow your leadership?


Dr. Larry Stybel knows, and will share plentiful how-to information in a presentation to ACE on Friday, Sept. 19. A professor, consultant and writer, Larry will focus on practical tools you and your team can put to work.


“Calm-Assertive Leadership – with a Dash of No” is built on the convergence of serious biological scholarship with pop culture.


The scholarship comes from Professor Amy Cuddy of Harvard University, who researched the impact of testosterone and cortisol on the projection of confidence. High levels of testosterone combined with low levels of cortisol are associated with calm-assertive leadership.


The ACE presentation will include exercises to create the desired hormonal balance without the use of chemicals.


The pop culture comes from Caesar Milan’s popular television show, “The Dog Whisperer.” Milan says dogs, as pack animals, want to follow calm-assertive leaders. Much of his show revolves around how such pack leaders behave. His ACE talk will provide a framework for scripts that can be used in calm-assertive leadership with human beings.


There also will be a sprinkling of effective ways to exercise “No” leadership.


The presentation comes from Larry Stybel’s two “Psychology Today” magazine articles on the topic, and members of the ACE audience will receive copies.


This is a “From Ideas to Action” program, so participants may receive up to one hour of free telephone conversation with Larry Stybel afterward.


The objectives of the program are:


  1. How to determine whether you are a calm-assertive leader people will want to follow.
  2. How to manipulate your brain to secrete higher levels of testosterone and lower levels of cortisol.
  3. How you can use neurolinguistic programming to create the image of calm-assertive leadership.
  4. How you can use these techniques in your consulting practice.


Our Speaker:

Larry Stybel, speaker ACE September meetingIn 1979 Larry Stybel and his partner Maryanne Peabody co-founded Stybel Peabody, a company that helps business leaders manage complex leadership change. Core services revolve around retained search, leadership development of high potentials and career management.

Today the company is part of Arbora Global----250 professionals in 25 U.S. cities and 24 countries.

Stybel Peabody clients range from messy family businesses with succession issues to 21 percent of the one hundred companies listed by Forbes Magazine as "best employers" in the United States.

Larry is a frequent contributor to MIT Sloan Management Review in the areas of leadership, career management and corporate governance. He is frequently interviewed on these subjects by the Wall Street Journal. Larry writes a monthly column on leadership for Psychology Today Magazine.

Larry himself is a licensed psychologist with a doctorate from Harvard University. He is one of only 220 people in the world to be granted the title Career Management Fellow by the world's only nonprofit dedicated to the certification of excellence in the field.

In addition to his corporate roles, Larry is Executive in Residence in the Department of Management & Entrepreneurship at Suffolk University's Sawyer Business School in Boston. For Suffolk University he produces a national media show called "Inside Leadership." Sponsored by Eastern Bank, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, and Tufts Health Plan, the show "inspires tomorrow's leaders today."

Learn more about Dr. Stybel on Twitter @lstybel and on LinkedIn.



Takes place from 9:45-10:30 following the regular meeting and is optional.


 "(Properly) Giving and (Gracefully) Taking Criticism"

  • Do your hackles go up when someone "calls you out"? 
  • Do you start to sweat and fidget when being reviewed? Or even when someone edits your document?
  • Are you as comfortable conducting performance reviews as receiving them?!
  • Can you park your anger when someone "messes up"?
  • Can you coach others in techniques and methods that will help them be more effective at reviews and critiques?

Gracefully taking critique and offering the same while being constructive, direct and courteous, is not just perhaps a higher art form, it is a skill that you can learn and refine over time.


During this round-table we will share horror stories - so we know what NOT do do - say - react.  More importantly, we'll discuss and share what we have found does work and look at ways we can, as consultants/mentors/coaches and teachers, teach others how to not just "take" criticism, but to actively ask for feedback, guidance and pointers. 


Facilitator: Geoff Lamdin

Learn more about Geoff here.


The Facts...


The ACE regular meeting has networking, a buffet breakfast and a speaker. Guests are welcome.

Registrations are required by Monday, September 15, 2014. If you want to be included on the registration list at the meeting then you need to register by the due date.


You can pay online by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover NOT AMERICAN EXPRESS!) or mail a check to:
110 Marginal Way #142
Portland ME 04101

If you are mailing a check, please register here so the system can track the registrants for us. Thanks!

Members: the $22 fee only works if you pay in advance. At the door, it is $28.

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